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Wendy Rae

Realtor    ~   Runner   ~   Aspiring Photographer

So Who Am I?  

Well Thank You For Asking!

For those who don't already know me, I am a former NY corporate ladder climbing business woman turned time freedom loving entrepreneur.  A small town girl who puts her all into everything she does.

 I'm an aspiring photographer and an avid traveler, who loves meeting new people & enjoying all types of Outdoor Recreation, (esp Trail Running, SUPing, Snowboarding, Hiking, and well anything else fun).  Combining my love of living a healthy active fun lifestyle with helping others achieve their goals drives me to be my best on the daily.   Occasionally I get bored and design a website!  I love helping people find or sell their dream homes as well. Please feel free to check out my Instagram or Facebook for my most current pics, motivational thoughts or amazing properties available!

My Vision  

"To Be Constantly Designing, Improving and Living my BEST Life While Inspiring, Motivating & Empowering Those Around Me To do the same."


My number one PASSION is in knowing that for my dreams to come true, I am helping improve the lives of those around me, really propelling others to excel in life!  If you're looking to be your absolute best, to make an impact in the lives of others, attract more happiness, or find your freedom, then we are probably best friends and don't know it yet!   Let's build our empires together!

You can impact a few lives on your own, but TOGETHER we can change the world! 

  After several years of thinking about it and being incredibly interested in Real Estate, be it investing, selling, or buying, I have decided to jump in!  

Of course, to become a Realtor you must partner with an amazing brokerage, so I'm happy to announce I've partnered with Platinum RE-CO on this new journey.  I look forward to helping as many people as possible reach their goals of home, business or even land ownership!

Are you working on the same mission and feel we should collaborate?   Send me a message today.  Please include why we should work together and your preferred method of contact back!


Glimpse of My Instagram

Just because I absolutely love my family and have a put a lot of time and effort into this business as well, here is a look at:

My Beautiful Family Garden Center

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